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   it is very important how do you control the production lines apparatus                        massege projects

General Features of Industry Controllers:


Using highly professional methods and routines in programming these controllers and using ancient professionals and operators in different industries and developing their experiences in the context of automation and intelligent requirements in a system and analyzing control algorithms for equipment in many brands. And the equipment made in professional companies in the world and their simulation in our controls, makes these controllers one of the most intelligent in the industry.

Very high safety

In the hardware sector, the use of PLCs, HMIs and analogue and analogue converters, and perfectly industrial and perfect amplifiers tested from the best brands related to manufacturers, and in the software sector, defining three to four protective layers for using All elements of the industry are controlling and identifying all components in the vehicle and predicting the probabilities for updating unwanted items according to the FAT standard, and eventually developing a FAT (Factory Acceptance Testing) guide for the ultimate control of all of our company's products. A controller has become the safest controller in the operator, car and raw materials

Operator simplicity and quick troubleshooting

Using comments from users and experts who have used our machines for many years and then analyzing and adjusting them for different operator modes, and detecting and viewing alarms in the system, we were able to display the screens in our control. Very user-friendly, and at any given moment we provide the operator with a comprehensive and useful information on the production and condition of the machine, as well as creating specific pages for detecting and expressing defective methods in the instructions of these controls, even to repairers who have specialized information They do not have a part of the equipment of each car. It is possible to give it a speed Afaslh diagnostics and troubleshooting and reduce the speed of the machines

We specialize in the intelligent manufacturing of industrial machinery


We have developed a large number of highly specialized projects that have developed our knowledge and skills in the field of rebuilding and designing intelligent control systems for industrial machinery, mainly in steel bundles, and benefiting from the latest papers and approvals. And the use of technology in the world in the manufacture and equipping of products has always been the most important technical and executive methods in this company.

How ?

In the process of gaining expertise in the intelligent and controlling machines, cooperation with European experts in some projects, as well as the use of the expertise of Iranian experts, has managed to set up this complex as a highly specialized company in the field of automation of industrial and manufacturing factories whose raw materials It has been associated with steel coils, such as large household appliances factories or auto parts suppliers or steel coil producers.

Proof ?

Certification of our expertise, obtaining various scientific and research honors, satisfaction of customers and users of our designed systems, and maximum production with minimum waste, troubleshooting and easy and fast repairs, and acceptance in a set of technological units in Isfahan's science and research town of honor. Participation in the knowledge base of the country's companies and satisfaction of its customers.

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