full line of sheet or slitting coil-4in1


  This controller has been designed and programmed for cutting lines or continuous cutting.


   The control of the various units of a continuous cutting or shearing line consists of coil opener, sheet plate, electronic feeder and impact press in this unit.


   In automatic mode, the system opens the sheet by turning the opener coil, and after passing the sheet metal plate, it is ejected by an electronic feeder, the sheet is sized or sized, and the cutting command or a multiplication is pressed Gets


   This controller is recommended for use in style cutting lines.


   If the controller is used on heavy lines, due to the limitation of the output commands in the coil opener section, it is suggested to provide a separate panel in manual control mode for the discoiler set, and only the system operation commands in the state Automatically send from central controller.


This controller has all the modes of operation for impact presses and also supports automatic lubrication. The function of the feeder in a variable position from the position of the crank press, as well as the possibility of automatic pilot operation and instantaneous control of the non-interference of the feeder movement with the critical position in the press, is a feature of this powerful and economical controller.