This controller is specially set of designed & programming decoiler , straightener and feeders that are COMPACT built and in most cases mounted on a chassis. This set is solidified from the side of the feeder to the press body.


   The control of the various units of this set consists of decoiler, straightener plate and electronic feeder in this   unit is down.

   In automatic mode, the system by rotation of the decoiller , uncoiled the plate and with the pulling force of the sheet on the feeder side, the plate is pulled out of from among of straightener roller and guide it to die . The commands for moving the feeder and flatbed rollers and the types of displacements in the coil open, as well as the inputs required for the looping sheet sensor in the middle of  decoiler  to the straightener in this controller, are foreseen.


variety command ability and the functionality in mode of backward & forward or the continuous function is the feathers of this controller.


   This controller is suggested for use on the integrated lines with confidence.


This controller is compatible with all modes of press stroke or hydraulic .


 The function of the feeder in a precise but variable position from the position of the crank press, as well as the possibility to do of automatic pilote and reles operation automatically and  instantaneous control of the non-interference of the feeder movement with the critical position in the press, is another feature of this powerful and economical controller.