coil servo feeder controller unit

Controllers of Fcu101 family are desgined and built for feeders which they act as a roller and circulation of feeder roller vith specific diameter and speed,leading to the entry of the sheet in to the die or system after them .electromotive force of feeder should be suplplied through a servo motor or a stepper motor,therefor this family is’nt suitable for feeders with ac and dc motors and for control them should be used from other families of this product which is introduced in the tadbir sanaat apadana engineering compony’s cotalog of products
There is more precision in the type of servo motor because of the encoder on shaft of motor
It is recommanded that if you use stepper motors also use their feedback types Controllers of electronic feeder are a dedicated controller unit which for set up electronic feeders with servo and stepper motors are used
This controller in industrial systems usually is used in section of pressing or cutting steel sheet ,measur of opening the sheet from the steel coil winder and entrance to die or cutting blade in production lines continuously by this controller is controled Controller of electronic feeder is used in various industries including Steel and metal industries,metalworking factories and production units of the body in some outomotive parts manufacturing workshop This controller is a specialized module for set up prepress activity collection.the machanism of these feeders is such that the length of the sheet needed to perform metalworking,pressing,forming operations or somethings like this are measured and and to the specifed values, the sheet is transfered to later systems,accuracy in measuring the length of the sheet , and the high speed of these feeders including the features that craftsmen and manufacturing factories especially the production of home appliance ,outo parts and general manufactures are encourged to use these feeders 

Structure controller
The hardware principles of these controller are based a programmable control units with screens in order to specialty feeder to be made In the software section all routins and command function ,control ,protection and safety fully specialty defined and designed The software srcture of thiscontroller as followss
– the software structure of command and set up components
-structure and control function include control the main parts like main electrical motor,side electrical motor,speed of movment ,the methods of routinses beginning and end of each feed step,manual and automatic control method, commander’s perdomiance of previose and next units,height control
-protection of mold and equipment used in a electrical feeder and as well as protecting the user from unforseen and risky events in production
-in these controllers(Fcu101)have all the safety requirments to protect the user’s life