coil straightener & feeder controller unit

Conveyor-feeder controllers of straightener are specially designed and built for feeders, which are operated as rollers and have  equipped their entrance crater them with rollers of the straightener of sheet. The rotation of rollers of feeder with a specific  diameter and speed through communication to the for gearwheel or belt or chain, leads to rotation of  rollers of straightener and in this ware the sheet after of presses among of rollers of straightener have been straightened and passed from the feeder and will be interned to die or system after them .  The electrical power of the feeders should be supplied  through a motor server or stepper motor, so the family is not suitable for feeders with AC or DC motors, and for controlling them, they should use other families of this product that is included in the product catalog of TadbirSanatApadana company  has been introduced in detail.


The straightener  feeder is used in various industries, including steel and metal industries, metalworking factories, body parts and parts for household appliances, and in some automotive parts manufacturing workshops.


This controller is a specialized module for setting up a set of activities straightener and measuring sheets before press. The mechanism of feeder  in this equipment is such that feedlength for metalworking,pressing , forming or similar operations is measured and  specified the length of the sheet and equally with accuracy 0/01 mm , the sheet from rollers of the straightener and feeder is entrance to die. The accuracy in measuring of feedlength and high speed of these feeders including  a features that encourages craftsmen and manufacturing plants, especially home appliance manufacturers, automobile parts and generators to use these feeders.


In this controller, there is an additional output for  top or bottom of  set of roller of straightener individually or half-page.


The servo motor torque on this controller is constantly being monitored and controlled.