coil servo feeder & mechanical press

In the cutting or pressing lines which operate automatically or semi-automatically, sheets of metal, brass, copper, steel, or other items  by an electronic or pneumatic feeder from die guides interned to die, and after completing the feed allowed cutting or forming or punching The press will be given a cut or a form or a punch.


The controller of the feeder-press has the ability to control a set of equipment of an electronic feeder with a variety of servo motors or stepper motors, and even pneumatic feeders together whit the control of different parts of the press .


The control of press performance states, including: Inching, single-digit, storm bar, Definition of specific spokes as “high die-point”, “low die-point”, “allowed zone” for conducting the feed, the possibility of single-digit definition in two areas of fall or ” Automatic lubrication, air and lubrication control at all stages of pressing, speed and torque control of the press and feeder (if using electronic feeder or servo feeder) and can change the feed amount from 0.01 to 1000 millimeters of the features of this controller. Specialized and economical.


In this controller, the complete production information, such as the number of feeds, and the number of press stroke, the number of  the production intact parts and production time and time lost of   press  are displayed.