about TadbirSanatCo:

Since 2013, the company has started its activities in designing and manufacturing control boards and control units for industrial machinery, and by 2012, with the participation in the implementation of dozens of highly specialized projects, its knowledge and skills in the field of reconstruction and The design of intelligent control systems has evolved for industrial machinery, mainly in steel bundles. In this way, cooperation with European experts in some projects as well as the use of the ability of Iranian experts has been able to establish this collection as a highly specialized company in the field of automation of industrial and manufacturing factories, whose raw materials were somehow related to steel coils, such as factories Major manufacturer of home appliances or auto parts suppliers or steel coil manufacturers.

The company was accepted and established in 1396 with the idea of ​​making specialized programmable controllers for industrial machinery in Isfahan's scientific and research town. In 1397, it was evaluated by the Assessment and Evaluation Team of Knowledge Based Enterprises. As a Knowledge Based Company In the field of intelligent control technology for industrial machinery.

Now the department of industrial automation of Tadbir Industrial Apadana engineering company has designed and constructed six groups of fully intelligent industrial controllers specializing in small and large machines in Sheet metal and Metal forming and Punch and Press and Cut to length and coil fields. To coil in this industry.

The benefit of the latest papers and researches approved and the use of technology in the world in the manufacture and equipping of products has always been one of the most important technical and executive practices in this company, and the evidence of this, the acquisition of various scientific and research honors and acceptance in the set of technological units Isfahan University of Science and Research is proud to be at the company's knowledge base and satisfaction of its customers.

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Head Office: Isfahan Science & Technology Town, Isfahan University of Technology Blvd, Isfahan, IRAN

Phone: 33931264-031

Fax: 33931265-031