press controller unit-super nc

Mechanical press controller
Controller of press machines vith system of clutch and brake is a unit of specialty controller which for set up these machines with types of Ac and DC electrical motor ,servo,stepper are used
These controller in industrial systems to be used for pressing ,form,punching and cuting operations In various industries including steel and metal industries,metalworking factories and production units of the body in some outomotive parts manufacturing workshops,lines of pressing work continuously
In these production lines,sheet on coil open and smooth and measured and then enterance die for peressing,form,bending,punching or cutting operations These controller are fully smart and programmable.Enormous security,accuracy,repeatability of system control proceses,controllability at high speed including the features that carftsmen and manufacturing factoriesespecially the production of home appliance,auto parts and general manufactures are encouraged to using The hardware principles of these controllers are based on programmable to be made In the softwaee of these controllers all routins and command function ,control,protection and safty fully specialty defined and desined The software structure of this controller as follows:
The software structure of command and set up components and structures and control functions include control the main parts like main electrical motor,side electrical motor,move the methodes of routins begining and end of each step,manual and automatic control method ,commandere's predomiance of previous and next units,control the site units and many ather rings Protection of mold and equipment used in apress also protection of user in anticipation of unforeseen events in production of prominent saftey features in this controller
In these controller(pc 100) all safety requirements to protected the health of the user forecasted
Family controller(pc 100) special press have been designed and built that so celled blows and the clutch and brake of these preses can each of the wind family or hydralically or magnetically